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- Shri Brahmarshi Patriji


1. " Spirituality " : Spiritual Science alone can unite people. Spiritual Science alone can bring people together and to establish oneness in the whole world. Spiritual Science will become an integral part in the life of all the people of the country. The main theme of Spiritual Science is practice of meditation.

" It is only meditation that gives you a clean heart, which cannot be corrupted. Then power can never be misused, then power can be a blessing - it is going to be creative. Then you are going to do something to make life more lovable, more livable, to make existence a little more beautiful. "

The Pyramid Party of India will print large literature on true Spirituality and Spiritual Science and will educate the public at large.

2. " Law of Karma " : People will soon realize this basic truth governing human life. Unless one understands the Law of Karma, One cannot begin to manage life properly. As we think, so it becomes. As we speak, so it becomes. As we desire, so the events are formed. Essentially, we keep creating our own realities all the time ! The Law of Karma is the Law of Causes and Effects. The Pyramid Party of India will explain this to all the people of India. People will become empowered from within and will be able to craft their lives by themselves most successfully. The Pyramid Party of India will spread the essentials of Spiritual Science to all the sections of the People of India by way of establishing Spiritual Science Institutes.

(3) " Vegetarianism " : Animal food is scientifically improper food for human beings. The human body is designed only for vegetarian food. Further, It is inhuman to massacre innocent animals, birds and fishes for the devilish greed of the human beings. In the eyes of God all beings are equal. A human being is no superior to any animal, bird or fish. The scourge of the humanity has been and is the senseless killing of animals, birds and fish. The Pyramid Party of India will rout out this devilish mentality of humanity and will guarantee peace to all members of Animal Kingdom.

(4) " Health is Wealth " : It is only through Anapanasati Meditation, that people can get relief from all diseases and consequent sufferings ! No need to spend any money for medicines and no need to spend any time to go to the doctors and hospitals ! The diseases that affect us in this life-time are due to the negative karma we ourselves committed in our prior life. All negative karmas will get burnt only through the fire of Spiritual Knowledge. This is the essence of Spiritual Truth. The Pyramid Party of India will work for the health of all the People of India by way of imparting the Science of Meditation. Pyramid Meditation centers will be established in every village of India.

(5) " Back to Nature " : It is the duty of Human Kingdom to take care of the Plant Kingdom, because, the entire Animal Kingdom is dependent on plants for its existence. Pyramid Party of India takes this responsibility to safeguard interests of both plant and animal kingdom. The main slogan of Pyramid Party of India is" Back to Nature ". Urban life will be shifted to more natural surroundings and people will be encouraged to live more naturally.

(6) " Personality Development " : Life is built on the principle of leadership. The principle of leadership is the source of evolution. One of the areas in which the leader must work is meditation. The leader works for radiation and service or creativity -- In contemplation and meditation, we contact energy and change it into concepts, then into ideas. Meditation is essential for personality development and therefore becomes crucial in the early life of every adult. The Pyramid Party of India will work for the personality development of all the Youth of the Country through imparting the Science of Meditation.

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