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- Shri Brahmarshi Patriji

The "Pyramid Party of India" is formed to transform all the People of India into mediators, englightened persons, vegetarians and peace loving people during our current life-time itself through the methodoloyg of the Electoral Process !

The Pyramid Party of India, formed in the year 1999, participated in the General Elections for the first time in the State of Andhra Pradesh in more than 50 constituencies and polled several hundreds of votes per constituency. Again, in the year 2004 it was General Elections time and again it was time to participate in the elections and to spread the twin concepts of vegetarianism and meditation. This time it was nearly a hundred constituencies ! And, thousands of votes were polled for the Pyramid Party per constituency !

Now it is General Elections 2009. Now the Pyramid Party of India has nominated its representatives to the House of Parliament and all Assembly Constituencies of Andhra Pradesh and for a few constituencies in Rest of India, particularly in the States of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu and it is hoped that millions of votes will be polled for the Party this time !

Mahesh Yogi
" The best government is nature's Government - which governs our universe with perfect order and without a problem. Natural Law governs all life, from the galaxies to the solar system to our planet Earth. We have the scientific knowledge to create a government as efficient and as nourishing as the Government of Nature. "

Certainly our own lives are governed by Natural Law. The Pyramid Party of India has the wisdom to bring the support of Natural Law to every individual and to the whole of India. Our national life will be in harmony with Natural Law, and everyone will enjoy peace, happiness and prosperity. The essential features of the Natural Law are 1) Vegetarianism and 2) Meditation.


Pyramid Party of India is formed to establish a New Era of GLOBAL SPIRITUALITY on this Earth. All the Pyramid Masters are the founding members working for this Global Cause.

  • Pyramid Party of India is originally planned by the Great Masters from the Higher Worlds.
  • Pyramid Party of India .. the new Political Party has been collectively established by all the Masters of pyramid meditation centers, under the guidance of the Founder of PSSM, Brahmarshi Patriji.
  • On the 15"of the month of February, in the year 1999, the Pyramid Party declared itself to the whole world, in a grand function at Tirupati.
  • The Election Commission of India, New Delhi, got Pyramid Party of India as a Registered Unrecognized Party on 2nd May 1999 vide letter no 56 / 35 / 99 JS / III dated 01-06-1999.

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